Proteam ProGen 15 Upright Vacuum

Proteam ProGen 15 Upright Vacuum

Model Number: 107330
Weight: 19.0 kg

Superior Sany Solutions

  • $523.99

The ProGen 15 has the added performance and features to make it an instant hit with cleaning professionals. This commercial upright's increased maneuverability and animated dashboard display make this an upright like no other.

Features: The increased maneuverability, animated dashboard display and patented Snap Lock Lid make this an upright like no other. Cost of Ownership - Durable construction, easy maintenance and 3-year limited warranty assure a higher return on investment. Advanced Maneuverability - Large, rubberized wheels allow smooth movement, tight turning radius and easy threshold clearance. Exclusive Animated Dashboard - Highlights vacuum status operating normally and alerts user to brush roll jam, airflow blockage or full filter. Service Without Tools - Clear blockages and remove brush roll without using tools. 15" Cleaning Path - Measuring 15" wide, it can be used for a variety of tasks thanks to large rubberized wheels that allow smooth movement, a tight turning radius and advanced maneuverability throughout any space.

Technical Specifications: Includes: 1. Stretch Wand - Extend your reach for detail cleaning 2. ProGen 15 Vacuum 3. Intercept Micro Filter Bag (2) - Paper filter bag to capture dust 4. Crevice Tool - Perfect for deep cleaning around corners and tight spaces 5. Upholstery Tool - An all-purpose tool ideal for seating 6. 50' Extension Cord - Plug in once and vacuum entire area 7. Literature Kit- Owners Manual & Quick Start Poster

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