Premium Metered 30 Day Air Freshener - Mango

Premium Metered 30 Day Air Freshener - Mango

Model Number: 33-2960TMFB
Weight: 0.28 kg

Superior Sany Solutions

  • $8.59

Imagine the flavor of golden mangos, sun-ripened to the point of juicy perfection. Feel the cool refreshment encompass your senses.

Features: Smart Thinking: Fragrance and odor counteractants in one can perfect for your odor control program Fresh Thinking: Highest fragrance load percentage ensuring longest lasting experience Fresh Thinking: Highest Quality Premium fragrances containing essential oils Forward Thinking: Robust trend forward fragrance offering to meet customer specific areas of need 30 days of continuous use when set at 15 minute intervals

Technical Specifications: Brand Timemist Category/Categories Metered 30 Day Air Fresheners Metered 30 Day Air Fresheners » 30 Day Refills Material Group A07769 Odor/Fragrance Mango Color Clear Appearance Dry spritz

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