Monopod - Defoamer

Monopod - Defoamer

Model Number: GLG-1002-10G6
Weight: 0.0 kg

Superior Sany Solutions

  • $26.99

10 Large Pods / Tub - Perfect for Carpet Extractors or auto-scrubbers.

Meet The Monopod!


Most of our Sany+ Monopod products adhere to the Green Seal® certification, demonstrating our commitment towards stringent sustainability standards and reduced impact on the environment.

Cost Control

With an ultra-concentrated formula and sustainable packaging solution, the SANY+ MonoPOD is proven to be a cost-effective substitute to traditional chemical products. To put things in perspective, just 1 large tub of 50 pods is the equivalent of 4 x 4L jugs of concentrate cleaning product!


The completely dissolvable nature of the SANY+ MonoPOD film coupled with preset dilution-ready concentrate proportions, takes the hassle out of having to measure and handle liquid chemicals.

Space Saving

Free up janitorial closets or spaces traditionally intended for storing cleaning products. With 1 container of 50 large pods being equivalent to four 4L jugs of cleaning product, it’s easy to visualize the space saved.

Eliminates Waste

Eliminate wastage caused by improper use or over-utilization. Preset, ready-for-dilution quantities ensure cleaning costs are optimized.

Minimal Training

Reduced training resources: With preset dilutions covering most cleaning applications (spray bottles, mop buckets, carpet extractors, auto-scrubbers), training resources can be refocused towards doing the job right, without having to worry about dilution ratios.

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