GLR-700 SANY+ Winter Care Neutralizer; 4L

GLR-700 SANY+ Winter Care Neutralizer; 4L

Model Number: GLR-700-4S4
Weight: 4.32 kg

Superior Sany Solutions

  • $27.21

GLR-700 SANY+ is a scent-free citric acid based cleaner and neutralizer. It removes soils and films associated with winter conditions. GLR-700 can be used as a daily cleaner on floors and other surfaces not damaged by water, effectively removing residues from ice melters, rock salt, and hard water residue.

Features: Removes soap film and mineral deposits from all flooring and fixtures Will not harm finished or unfinished surfaces Neutralizes alkaline residues on floors after stripping Effective against tannin stains (i.e. coffee, tea, etc.) Does not contain harsh acids, alkalis or solvents used in competitive products Leaves floors shining and clean Compliments resilient floor care programs Effective against tough stains Reduces liability and safety concerns Designed for daily use Can be used effectively in large areas Ecologo

Technical Specifications: Physical State and Appearance Clear Transparent Liquid Colour Colourless Sediment None Odor Characteristic pH (concentrated) 2.00-3.00 Specific Gravity 1.038-1.05

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