GLH-600 SANY+ Lotion Hand Soap; 4L

GLH-600 SANY+ Lotion Hand Soap; 4L

Model Number: GLH-600-4S4
Weight: 4.324 kg

Superior Sany Solutions

  • $9.99

GLH-600 SANY+ is a cleansing lotion for hands and body. Its choice of special pearlizing agent provides for a luxurious look and feel. Its pH is neutral balanced so that repeated washings will not dry skin. Fruity fragrances have been added to produce a pleasant, lasting aroma.

Features: Neutral pH Pearlized pink color Ecologo No phosphates, or nonyl phenol ethoxylates

Technical Specifications: Physical State and Appearance Thick Opaque Liquid Colour Pink Sediment None Odor Fruity pH (concentrated) 6.5-7.0 Specific Gravity 1.04-1.06 Flash Point None

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