GLG-1000 SANY+ Graffiti Remover; 1L

GLG-1000 SANY+ Graffiti Remover; 1L

Model Number: GLG-1000-1S6
Weight: 1.084 kg

Superior Sany Solutions

  • $13.09

GLG-1000 SANY+ easily removes marks and graffiti made with ballpoint, felt pen, crayon, lipstick, spray paint and tape marks from surfaces. It has been formulated to quickly penetrate and dissolve stains and marks on surfaces including walls, lockers, bathroom partitions, brick, stone, tiles, stainless steel, brass, chrome, aluminum, enamel, glass, Formica, porcelain, fiberglass and other construction materials. This product is ideal for use in all public buildings, industries and institutions where vandalism has occurred. 

Features: Industrial strength graffiti remover Quickly and easily removes multi-layered marks and graffiti Effectively penetrated porous surfaces and dissolved graffiti, stains and marks

Technical Specifications: Physical State and Appearance Clear Transparent Liquid Colour Green Sediment None Odor Mint Specific Gravity 0.79-0.81 Flash Point None

Tech Documents

TDS Document
FDS Document
SDS Document

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