GLF-411 SANY+ X-TREM Low Frequency Floor Finish; 10L

GLF-411 SANY+ X-TREM Low Frequency Floor Finish; 10L

Model Number: GLF-411-10S2
Weight: 10.803 kg

Superior Sany Solutions

  • $59.99

GLF-411 SANY+ X-TREM Floor Finish is a robust wax with 25% solids consisting of metallic polymers. It is extremely durable and resistant to scuff marks when used in high traffic areas. When floors treated with X-Trem are burnished, daily maintenance becomes easier and floors maintain their wet-gloss look.

Features: Delivers excellent gloss build Provides outstanding durability Dramatic response to propane, battery and electric equipment Can be used on all types of flooring

Technical Specifications: Physical State and Appearance Opaque Liquid Colour White Sediment None Odor Characteristic pH (concentrated) 8.50-8.80 Specific Gravity 1.020-1.025

Tech Documents

TDS Document
FDS Document
SDS Document

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