GLF-401 SANY+ Neutral Detergent; 4L

GLF-401 SANY+ Neutral Detergent; 4L

Model Number: GLF-401-4S4
Weight: 4.164 kg

Superior Sany Solutions

  • $21.99

GLF-401 SANY+ has been formulated to be safer for the product user, building occupants, and the environment compared to traditional cleaning products. It cleans resilient and non-resilient floors and any other hard surfaces not damaged by water. GLF-401 is recommended for use in schools, hotels, offices, buildings and public spaces that are concerned with using products that are environment-friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic.

Features: Biodegradable (as per OCDE 301D) Contains no phosphates, nonyl phenol ethoxylates or butyl components Highly effective surfactant Rinses easily Highly dilutable Ecologo

Technical Specifications: Physical State and Appearance Clear, transparent liquid Colour Orange red Sediment None Odor Orange pH (concentrated) 9.0-10.0 Specific Gravity 1.00-1.010

Tech Documents

TDS Document
FDS Document
SDS Document

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