GLB-103 SANY+ Shower Cleaner; 4L

GLB-103 SANY+ Shower Cleaner; 4L

Model Number: GLB-103-4S4
Weight: 4.452 kg

Superior Sany Solutions

  • $24.99

GLB-103 SANY+ is a versatile all surface shower cleaner containing a proprietary organic salt based formula providing all the strength of harsher acid based cleaners. GLB-103 provides effective removal of hard water, rust and other mineral deposits while removing soap scum and mineral deposits with ease. It can be used daily without risk of damaging any surfaces not harmed by water.

Features: Phosphate free Non-corrosive to skin and stainless steel No alkalis Low VOC No glycol ethers NPE free

Technical Specifications: Physical State and Appearance Clear, Transparent Liquid Colour Pale Straw Sediment None Odor Fresh pH (concentrated) 1.10-1.50 Specific Gravity 1.07-1.08 Flash Point None

Tech Documents

TDS Document
FDS Document
SDS Document

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