Earth Care All-In-One Ice Melt; 50lb

Earth Care All-In-One Ice Melt; 50lb

Model Number: 41028
Weight: 22.68 kg

Superior Sany Solutions

  • $13.99

Earth Care Crystal has been developed with two key features in mind: superior performance with lower environmental impact. 4-way blend includes sodium, calcium and magnesium chlorides. The entire mixture is treated with a high performance combination of potassium and sodium acetate to further enhance ice melting power and capability.

Features: Environmentally Safer Cost Effective Pre-activated Formulation Safer for Surfaces

Technical Specifications: Finished material has a greater density than untreated ice salt which reduces tendency for bounce and scatter into sensitive areas. Potassium and sodium acetate are chloride free, biodegradable and represent an excellent combination of liquid de-icing materials. ncreased surface area treated with the same payload in hopper saves time in reloads, associated fuel and labor costs. Less product = less tracking and clean-up. Instant ice melting action. Effective to lower temperatures. Undercutting and anti-icing capability as a result of the liquid component. Less damaging to concrete and other surfaces due to reduced chloride content (sodium and potassium acetate) and fewer freeze and thaw cycles. Reduce corrosion to metals as a result of less chloride content in addition to corrosion inhibitors.

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