GLD-POPD Foaming Dispenser Head

GLD-POPD Foaming Dispenser Head

Model Number: GLD-POPD-FOAM
Weight: 0.082 kg

Superior Sany Solutions

  • $24.99

The POPS Dilution System automatically mixes concentrates with water, foaming the liquid,and dispensing the diluted chemical into secondary containers such as mop buckets, spray bottles or equipment. It has two dilution options (high and low) which allows workers to measure precise amounts of concentrates into secondary containers.

It has been specially designed for use with the Sany+ 2L chemical concentrates. The dilution rates for our 2L concentrates are pre-set at the factory, which make the units safer for the user by restricting the workers access to the concentrated chemical, as well as making it harder for workers to engage in unauthorized custom dilutions.

The POPS Dilution Head is easy to connect to 2L chemical concentrates, and features dual flow rates as well as built in backflow prevention.

Features: Quickly disconnects to easily transfer to multiple areas Includes dual flow rates and built in backflow prevention Bottle, bucket and scrubbers fill Proprietary design used with SANY+ products Complete with quick disconnect No assembly or maintenance required; all 2L chemicals are pre-tipped at factory

Technical Specifications: Built in back flow prevention.

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